KINISI Tracking System
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      Educators use KINISI while working with students in physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation programs. The ability for the student, educator and even the entire classroom to see the range of motion and resistance data displayed on a big-screen TV, all in real-time is an invaluable teaching aid.  


      Physical therapists use KINISI in their practice while working with standard elastic exercise bands or tubing. KINISI measures the actual resistance experienced by the patient when performing elastic band exercises. PT's can quickly and accurately document patient range of motion and strength outcomes that reflect mindful and skilled therapy treatments.



KINISI is a wireless device that's used to report actual resistance experienced by a patient while working with exercise elastic bands or tubing. Custom audible alerts can be set to notify the user when load limits have been exceeded.  Additionally, KINISI accurately measures range of motion and movement angles in patients when working with bands or tubing, or by attaching KINISI to the target extremity and actively or passively moving through the full range of motion.      



KINISI does not require a computer, so there's no software to load, just attach the small base station receiver to your TV or Monitor using the provided HDMI cable and switch it ON, that's it!.

Benefits For PT's

  • Higher patient engagement during therapy sessions with metrics
  • Document high quality evidence of exercises for insurance companies
  • Prevent exceeding safe load limits by notifying the user with audible alerts
  • Set range of motion limits that patients can see

Benefits For Educators

  • Unparalleled data for students to develop strong correlations between patient movement and actual resistance and ROM
  • Safer exercise demonstrations in classrooms
  • On screen display for classroom involvement during one-on-one demonstrations

Use KINISI with industry standard elastic bands and tubing that you already use.

KINISI works with any HDMI TV, or use KINISI with your projector, great for large classrooms or conference rooms. 



The KINISI Tracking System includes:

  • KINISI Mobile Device with Bluetooth

  • Base Station Receiver & Power Supply

  • Wireless Mouse

  • Battery Charger

  • 10' HDMI Cable

  • Hand Grip and Ankle Strap

  • Printed Setup Guide

The entire systems comes in a convenient hard plastic carrying case, with unlimited technical and customer support.


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